How to care for your rockin' record bag.

Your lovely new bag is made from a vintage L.P and has an oilcloth base. Both these things are great products but to keep them looking their best here is some information that will help. 

L.P's need protecting from extreme temperatures, for example, don't leave next to a hot radiator for prolonged periods of time, or near a frosty window as vinyl has been known to warp or become brittle in these conditions. (Treat it a bit like you would, a playable record!) Wipe clean with a soft dry or damp cloth or a wet wipe and dry afterwards. Try not to get it too wet as water could soak into the cards and glues used and either make the things in your bag soggy or compromise the structure of the bag. If you are out and get caught in a rain storm pop it under your arm or shelter it with an umbrella. If it does become soggy, pack with something that will help absorb the water, and then let it dry in a warm place.

Treat with reverence, your bag should last quiet a few years!

Here are the instructions for caring for the oilcloth that makes the base of your bag. For further information on oilcloths, or, to buy your own, please visit

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